is well worth visiting all year round thanks to its active cultural life. There are exhibitions, fairs, local festivals, a busy theatre program and an active interest in the conservation and re-enactment of historical and folklore traditions all contributing to the cultural life of the town. Visitors enjoy the enchanting atmosphere enhanced with fairs, markets and open-air shows and the excellent local cooking and warmth of the Anghiarese add their special taste to this superb landscape.

Anghiari is a lovely medieval town lying between two  rivers, the Tiber  and the Arno.  The powerful  thirteenth century  walls made the town an invincible fortress which constituted an important reference point and kept the Tuscan flag flying during the many historical events that occurred in this delicately balanced border area. On the 29th June 1440 the famous Battle of Anghiari, which was subsequently painted by Leonardo da Vinci in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, reaffirmed Florentine rule in Tuscany. Anghiari and its surrounding area has seen the lives and works of the greatest men of the Renaissance who brought the seeds of the modern age from the land intra Tevere et Arno to the whole of Europe.

Surrounded by castles and country churches Anghiari looks out over the beautiful High Tiber Valley landscape, a natural amphitheatre filled with the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi. The countryside around Anghiari has an untouched atmosphere with ancient woods dotted with monasteries and archaeological sites. Artisan shops and the workrooms of furniture and antiques restorers enrich the small squares of the town; its towers and churches are embellished with masterpieces of painting and sculpture and there are breathtaking views and vistas to be found from every corner of the ancient town.