Capital city of the Tuscan province, Arezzo perches on a hill, south and east of Florence, overlooking the Arno and Tiber River valleys.   This geographical position has favoured the development of artisans (especially gold craft) and industrial activities. The city has given birth to famous people like Petrarch, Aretino and Vasari, and has maintained an extremely interesting historical and artistic tradition since the Middle Ages. The historic centre contains stupendous works of art and testimonies from every era.

Arezzo has a monthly antique market held on the first weekend of each month when hundreds of stallholders come from all over Italy and visitors crowd the streets of the ancient city centre.

One of the many famous churches in Arezzo is the Church of S. Francesco, which is a 13th century Gothic construction. The church contains paintings by important artists such as Loretino d'Arezzo, Spinello Aretino, Niccolò di Pietro Aretino, and Piero della Francesca, some of whose most important works are in this church. Restoration of his Battle between Hercules and Cacus and the Discovery and Proof of the True Cross by the Superintendence of Arezzo and the Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence, which started in 1985, has recently been completed and the public can now view them